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Hot Wedding Trend ~ Specialty Linen

Specialty linen continues to be a key design element and is featuring heavily in weddings this year. Specialty linen creates an instant WOW factor and enhances the aesthetic impact of your weddings overall design. Specialty linen is a MUST this wedding season, giving your wedding a unique, couture feel. Specialty linens elevate the look of an event by adding color, texture and an overall richness to the décor that makes a wedding look complete.


Sequinned table linen brings a touch of opulence, elegance and glamour to your wedding. Sequins add a pop of sparkle to your wedding decor and can act as a shimmering statement piece when used en masse. If you want a more subtle look, consider using sequin table runners to highlight your table top or to show off key pieces like your wedding cake and guest book.

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Linens are an integral part of every wedding and by using coloured linen, you may find that it can change your entire wedding outlook. The use of coloured linen is a sophisticated way to be creative and inventive in communicating your key ideas.

Photographer - Evernew Studio

Photographer - Milque

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Weddings By Design has carefully hand selected a range of specialty linen. We can't wait to help bring your vision to life!

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