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Kristen & Sam's Wedding - Alexandra Hills Hotel

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

One of the parts of our job that excites us the most is a commitment to bringing each client’s unique vision to life during such a special time in their life. What’s most important is being able to create a wedding for each of our clients that’s truly reflective of their style, vision, and story;

Planning and designing this event was pure bliss!


Based on the couple’s wishes and desires, we got to pick linen colors, floral varieties, textures and other decor details that most clients don’t typically gravitate towards, and the result was a beautiful celebration that was infused with intricate details that was truly reflective of their love story.


Kristen and Sam, we are so grateful for all of our time spent together. There was a lot of it wasn’t there?

Your commitment to one another, love for your family and friends, and gracious and fun nature are qualities we and so many others love and cherish most about you.

Your wedding day feels like yesterday that’s how vivid and intentional it was. We are grateful we were able to be a part of this special milestone and feel blessed you picked us to be involved in everything so intimately.

Below are a few of our favorite images which only begin to paint a picture of what this day stood for.

Congratulations Kristen and Sam! We love you two and feel honored to have played a part in your special day. May married life be as magical as the celebration that unfolded the day you became husband and wife. Remember to always love each other well. But you know that already. Xoxo

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